Meet Beethoven | iPad App for Kids

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Meet Beethoven is a fun way to introduce your kids to composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

The app begins with a short biography, photos, and a simple timeline so kids will be able to see where Beethoven fits in history. The app follows with a Double Puzzle Word Scramble and a funny little quiz called, “Pizza for Beethoven”.  If your kids answer enough questions correctly Beethoven gets pizza for dinner. If they miss too many questions Beethoven goes to bed hungry. The app concludes with three popular works by Beethoven for piano, recorder or Band/Orch instrument.

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Photo Gallery
Double Puzzle Word Scramble
Pizza for Beethoven Quiz
Ode to Joy for Easy Piano, Recorder, Band/Orchestra Instruments)
Beethoven’s Fifth for Easy Piano
Fur Elise for Easy Piano

All sheet music includes a note name chart. The recorder music includes a note name/fingering chart. Also included is a recording so kids will know what the piece is suppose to sound like before they start practicing.