Lines and Spaces Music Worksheet Pack | Digital (PDF)

From Kodaly Inspired Classroom (Lindsay Jervis),  this eight page worksheet set will help your students practice the basics of pitch identification – is it a line or space note.

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Lines and Spaces Worksheet Pack | Digital (PDF) by Lindsay Jervis


1) Every Note Has a Place – This worksheet has two versions: a) Pitches filled in, b) Pitches with a transparent center. Student goal is to circle “line” or “space” under each staff.

2) Lost in Space – This worksheet asks students to circle the staves that contains notes in a space.

3) Walk the Line – This worksheet asks students to circle the staff with a notes on a line.

4) Line and Space Trace – The final two worksheets asks students to practice drawing notes on a line or in a space. With a little practice they’ll do great.